About The Hot Conversation

Yes, You Can Join The Hot Conversation

All that's needed to join The Hot Conversation is a valid email address and the desire to meet and interact with people. If you like to find out what’s hot and what’s going on, then you need to check out The Hot Conversation. We got the juicy conversations and the latest entertainment news. Do you wanna talk sports or politics, then thc. join us! Connect with coworkers, classmates, friends and relatives by signing up with your current and valid email address. Once you sign- up, find a show discussing a topic that interests you, check it out and post your own thc.ents. It’s that simple.

Mix and Mingle

At The Hot Conversation, we make meeting new people fun and interesting by creating healthy dialogues on the most interesting topics. Some topics may be hot and spicy; some may be educational while some may be purely entertaining. Discover the views of female and males. Get up to date on the latest world news. Find out about music, art and sports. The Hot Conversation is your gateway to experience a new level of diversity, find out about other cultures and just mix and mingle.

We’re Not Just Another Social Site…

The Hot Conversation is an online talk show. You can listen in on any show and the topics vary from relationships to politics to entertainment. You can rate your favorite shows and post your opinions. Are you Grown & Sexy because the topics are raw and in-your-face! The Hot conversation is also a social networking utility, it allows you to meet new friends, find old friends and chat online with them in real time. You can take the poll of the week/day or catch up on the latest entertainment gossip or breaking news. You can define your overall experience on The Hot Conversation by choosing how you want your interactive online experience to be.

Cast & Crew

Matt "Dj Mdot" Myers
Co - Founder & CEO
Matt Myers serves as the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer for The Hot Conversation. Because of his aspirations in the thc.unication field, which flourished while he attended the University of DC, Matt came up with the idea to start The Hot Conversation in 2008. Also known as DJ Mdot, Matt serves as the host for the talk show and is responsible for thc.ng up with show and blog topics, as well as finding people to interview. You can find DJ Mdot throughout the Washington DC metro area, spinning on the wheels at such places as Lime, Duke City, and Station9.

Brandon West
Co - Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Brandon West is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of The Hot Conversation. As CTO, Brandon is responsible for the development and design of the website, and also created the thc.any's marketing strategy and manages the various products and services advertised on the site. Before starting The Hot Conversation, he attended Bowie State University, where he played basketball and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in thc.uter Science.