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Posted: 2009-02-14


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StingRae - Monday Mar 23 2009 at 11:50am
What I encourage fathers who have daughters to do is this. For Valentine's Day make reservations to a nice restaurant or some place nice for just you and your daughter. Bring flowers, and candy, the whole 9 yards. Open doors, pull out chairs, etc. Show her what a REAL man does for a woman. What this does is, over time, your daughter will expect a man to do this for her and respect the man that does. It's time to help raise our daughter's expectations of what a Man should be. Teach them not to 'settle for' in a relationship. Helping your children to set high standards for themselves and their future is one of the greatest gifts that you can offer your child.

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Valentine Day Ideas
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Dj Mdot heads to Adams Morgan, Washington DC to hear Krayola's thoughts on Valentines day gifts and get peoples take on V-day protocol

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