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Posted: 2009-04-07


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missb - Thursday Apr 9 2009 at 1:42pm
What I find to be unrealistic is for someone to think they know what models do and how it is so "easy". Modeling is hard work and I have been doing it professionally for 10 years. I travel in my career. I went to Marymount University to get a Fashin Merchandising degree and yes I am educated. Modeling is not something easy and it does take hard work but for you, maybe you sit in front of a computer all day getting fat while I am out here making sure that I keep my body in shape to be able to find work and walk the runways of NYC. I am not offended about your opinion, but about your ignorance of the field that I work fulltime in. Since you have all day to sit on The Hot Conversation commenting and put other people's careers down you may want to utilize the rest of your day revaluating yourelf as a person. I think Washingon DC has enough engineers- my father and nurses which my mother is an RN. This city is full of creative individuals and we want more than just government jobs.

PersianKing - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 7:12pm
I simply don't have the inclination to bow to people who take themselves so seriously that they get offended by statements that are so blithely hyperbolic that even a chimp could understand that it's merely jest. And as far as people thinking I'm an ass, I am not a politician, and again I quote " I find complete strangers' opinions of my character to be quite irrelevant." Matt doesnt boast about being the CEO of anything....he simply gave himself that title on this page and this page alone and doesn't go around slapping his hands together pretending hes making it rain. If people are taking this shit that serious, they need to get a life and lighten up or come back when they get over themselves. I voiced my opinion and whether anyone likes it or not is something I don't give 2 shits about.

Brandon - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 6:15pm
@PersianKing man you got 4 articles on here aint like they got 500 comments each, people throwing their keyboards at the screen because the people we interviewed take their shit serious, they came to the site and saw your comments and they had to defend themselves, i mean you made assumptions about these people, you don't know if they have degrees or not or how many employees they have or their success as a company you also made statements about a CEO and i quote "A CEO? Really? You have no employees, no partners, no board, and most importantly, no REVENUE. Real CEO's don't attend stupid runway model events with an attendance of 30 people. They make $20 million deals on yachts with rich white guys named Bob." and Matt is the CEO of the hot conversation, what you think he thinks about that statement?

PersianKing - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 5:30pm
Brandon and Matt, you owe me a drink for this shit. LOVE? Friday? This is the most comments left by visitors to this site of all the videos you douchebags have posted. I got people throwing their keyboards at the screen after reading my Dmoney- I guess I did come of a little harsh huh. I apologize to the ladies. I just wish we were doing HIV awareness events at the Expo every Monday instead of teaching people how to walk down the runway...:( whatever, to each his own. my bad sharella and whoever else

Nello - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 5:05pm
PersianKing, You should blame parents if anything, you can't let TV raise your children. But I agree with Brandon, putting down people goals are what we call crabs in a barrel syndrome. You say we need more doctors, lawyers, and engineers, but what we really need are more business owners. If these ladies want to reverse that trend, we should be encouraging them, not calling them hoes. What do you think is more productive, sleeping your way to the stop like you insinuate most models do, or starting your own company so you won't have to depend on some "rich white guy named Bob" to give you a shot?

PersianKing - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 4:08pm
Sorry but I don't tip-toe around bleeding hearts and people with sensitive backsides. I am not running for president and I find strangers' opinions about my character quite irrelevant. Here’s a tip: if you don’t know what the fuck you want to do with your life, go to college and major in something useful like math or engineering or business just to hedge your bets, and pick up the useless-but-interesting shit like modeling, rapping, dancing etc. as a minor. That way if your unrealistic dream doesnt come true, you’ll actually be taking a decent amount of money from white people that you can reinvest into your community. Be a producer, not a consumer, goddammit.

missb - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 1:40pm
I am apalled at the comment coming from "Persian King", and if you know Sherrella and what the ladies of HoneyComb Set represent, how dare you make a uneducated comment like that? I am one of the ladies that represent HoneyComb Set, and we are working to help other women out here as well as ourselves. We don't work with a one-track mind. This isn't just operated by Sherrella! The reason why its so difficult for "us" to make it out here, in the DMV is because of ignorance.

Brandon - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 3:05pm
these dreams are not unrealistic its just a small portion of people make it in each field, not everybody going to become a doctor just like not everybody going to become a rapper or a model, but if nobody tried we would not have anybody in either field, just like if Barack Obama never tried to become president we still have that unrealistic dream of having a black president, im really more concerned about people in my community that have no dreams that may turn to a life of crime

PersianKing - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 2:28pm
If Honeycomb takes off, more power to her... BUT my community is already FILLED with people with unrealistic dreams and we don't need anymore. There are more rappers in my city then doctors...more models then lawyers...more clothing designers then computer engineers. I blame BET and MTV

Brandon - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 12:54pm
@PersianKing, dam how you just going to talk about people thats trying to do something with themselves and thats trying to make it in the industry, what you think people just wake up a CEO making millions of dollars or they wake up being a rapper of Jay Z's status, people got to start somewhere and got to have some drive, and while many may try and fail, at least they doing something they genuinely wanted to do, i thought we was on some yes can shit these days...

prinze - Wednesday Apr 8 2009 at 2:50am
i jus wanna say that the world needs to get ready for honeycomb set! i wanna thank hotconvo for putting us on and allowing us to talk about what we have going on. im sure they will be at all the rest of the functions. remember everybody runway mondays at the expo lounge on the intersection of 9th and u st. we are accepting everyone from models, host, djs, rappers, female mc's, clothing designers, basically anyone with talent. but we need you to have discipline be ready and willing to work. this is not a easy job as fun as it looks. again thanks to everyone and we will see you on monday.

nickitruelove - Tuesday Apr 7 2009 at 9:55pm

PersianKing - Tuesday Apr 7 2009 at 4:55pm
Thanks for telling me about Runway Mondays at the Expo. This is a place that I will now add to my "fuck that shit" list. Why does every fucking person think he/she is a model, rapper or producer? They get their next door neighbors to take pictures of them at some stupid ass location like a park, develop the pictures on glossy white paper then claim they are Melissa Ford or some shit. You want to be a model? Sleep your way to the top like the rest of them. (if you're not already doing it) WTF is up with claiming titles you don't deserve like CEO of or whatever she said. I couldnt even understand her ass. A CEO? Really? You have no employees, no partners, no board, and most importantly, no REVENUE. Real CEO's don't attend stupid runway model events with an attendance of 30 people. They make $20 million deals on yachts with rich white guys named Bob. As for the aspiring rappers...we have enough foolishness, we dont need anymore. Find a real job.

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