Call The Cutlers: Watch Lil Mo’s Alleged Dirty Doggin’ Hubby Stumble Over Questions About Creeping

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Lil Mo’s Husband Karl Dargan Takes Lie Detector Test

Lil Mo and her husband will appear on “Couples Court With The Cutlers” to face shocking dirty doggin’ rumors in their marriage.

Back in 2016 rumors swirled that Mo’s hubby Karl Dargan not only cheated, but was expecting a child out of wedlock.

Before that there were rumors that he was sexting a fan and requesting a tryst while a “well endowed” man watches-–but Mo shut that down ALL the way down as a publicity stunt.

Now Mo’s finally getting some answers and she’s using a lie detector test to do it.

The LHHNY star/songstress is appearing on “Couples Court With The Cutlers” for a special two-part episode where Karl will be asked about his alleged infidelities.

BOSSIP editor/BOSSIP on WE personality Dani Canada will also make an appearance when it airs November 20 and 21.

Watch below.

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