Disgraced Ex-Congressman John Conyers’ Son Arrested For Shocking Domestic Violence

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John Conyers’ Son Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Girlfriend

Congressman John Conyers has been in the news quite a bit lately after becoming swept up in the public purge of sexual deviants, harassers, abusers, assaulters and other levels of inappropriate behavior.

According to a new report from TMZ, his son, John Conyers III, isn’t exactly a man-of-the-year candidate himself.

Conyers III was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence against his girlfriend following an explosive and disturbing fight.

The congressman’s kid accused his cinnamon apple of cheating on him after snooping through her computer. It is then alleged that he slammed her on the floor and bed, pinned her down, then spit on and slapped.

A chase ensued and the woman is said to have grabbed a kitchen knife that was subsequently taken from her and used against her to stab and cut. One of her injuries required stitches.

Conyers was not prosecuted because L.A. County didn’t feel that they could prove their case adequately.

Hell is wrong with the Conyers men?


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