Gabrielle Union Claps Hard At Actress Ryan Destiny, “B-tch F-ck You”– But What Does Ryan Think?

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Ryan Destiny Responds to Gabrielle Union Calling Her A “B*tch”

Gabrielle Union seems to have been hiding some serious vitriol toward Star actress Ryan Destiny super well, and she saved it all for her book. In Union’s new book “We’re Going To Need More Wine”, she refers to Ryan as a  “B*tch” and her direct competition.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Bitch, fuck you. You want me to mentor you? The press is literally calling you the next Gabrielle Union….”except she can sing and dance!”

Yikes! Why was Gabby so aggy??? Ryan spoke with LiveCivil and gave her thoughts on Gabby being a secret hater! She said she had no idea she was being so petty in her head when they met, but she took it positively.

That was very weird to me, weird in a good way because I didn’t expect her to put me in her book period. I remember the time that we did meet, which is the situation she was addressing in her book and she was very nice. I wouldn’t have known that she was thinking any of the stuff that she said she was thinking in her head at all. It’s interesting because she was just talking to me and we were just chopping it up about what I was filming at the time and I was just struggling mentally with stuff within the show because there is always some drama and she was just being supportive of that and she told me to push through it.

Great attitude Ryan. We guess it is super flattering for Gabby to print her name in her book? What do YOU think?


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