Bugged Out: Roach Bomb Burns Cat To Death And Injures 4 In NYC Apartment

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Roach Bomb Kills Cat And Injures 4 Others

New York is generally the home to all types of vermin and extreme forms of pest control are typically essential to live comfortably.

Sadly, pest control spelled the end for a family’s beloved pet and brought harm to several others.

According to NYDailyNews a roach bomb caught on fire inside an NYC apartment and ignited at family cat who died after flying out of a window when the device exploded.

Clinton Grant, 70, said that he was in the apartment with his son, his grandkids, and their mother when he set the bomb off.

“It blew up,” said Grant, former super of the building. “All the windows blew out.”

“I feel stupid,” he added, with a sheepish grin.

2 people suffered serious injuries and 2 others suffered minor injuries.

Moral of the story: read the directions before you try to get the roaches out of your dirty azz house.


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