Call “The People”: Draya Is Getting Dragged For Doing The Neglectric Slide When Her Son Needs Homework Help

Draya Dragged For Bad Parenting

Draya, Draya, Draya. What are we going to do with you? Really. What are we going to do?

After having a pretty good run of good, quiet press (struggle plates aside), we thought the world would actually forget about her past reputation as a questionable mother. But alas, all it took was a one misstep for it all to come flooding back.

Just take a look at the above interaction. Draya is upset that her son needs to get his homework signed every day. Gasp! Every! Day! It’s literally the minimum she has to do. And now since she posted it herself, the choppers are out and the dragging has commenced remarkably. Take a look…and hug your child.


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