Wacko Wife Awakens Inner Warrior, Impales Husband With Samurai Sword

Samurai warrior

Woman Reportedly Stabs Husband With Sword During Heated Fight

An argument in Washington led to a woman getting the strap, or in this case the samurai sword, on her man.

The fed up wife has been charged with second-degree assault after allegedly stabbing her husband in the arm, causing a 4-inch wound down to his bone. Though it’s unclear what prompted her to grab the mounted weapon, it seems the two were in the middle of an argument and she meant business. NYPost reports, “The man told police that he had been fighting with his wife and demanded that she leave their house. He says the woman grabbed the sword mounted on a wall and impaled him as he ran up to her.”

Hubby was flown to a Seattle hospital while his (ex?) wife claimed self-defense and pled not guilty to the charge, according to the site. We’ll keep you updated on her side of the story, but in the meantime…what’s the craziest thing you’ve done when your man instructed you to hit the road?



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