Kanye Meets With Trump, Again - Is This Y'alls Uninformed, Misogynistic, Narcissistic Rap King?

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Is this y’alls misogynist, weak, punishing women for his father’s lack of fathering, indulging in his narcissism, contrarian for attention, ignorant about welfare, telling Trump he’s his fantasy daddy a** king? So be it.


This is everybody’s fault who’s been coddling and making excuses for years for the grown ass man that is Kanye. If Kanye West telling then-First Lady Michelle Obama - on a national mainly-WHITE radio show with Ryan Seacrest years ago - that she ain’t sh*t and she needs to take lessons from his white-privileged, sexbot wife on how to be great wasn’t the last straw for you, it’s YOUR FAULT.

Kanye trekked himself to the White House today for a lunch-with-no-food with Trump, with Jim Brown and his wife in tow. He went full Kanye, saying the most and thinking the least. He, at one point, said wearing the MAGA hat made him feel like superman because he feels masculine.  And he told Trump he thinks of him as a father.

Whew chile, the male fragility.

If you’re going to be a conservative Trump supporter, at least come prepared with proper facts and intelligence to back your ish up. According to the rapper, black people solely vote Democrat because we want welfare benefits. Facts are pesky, unimportant details to people like 'Ye and Trump. If they weren't, he'd know blacks are not the group who utilize welfare the most. And welfare is at the bottom of the list for reasons many support Dem or Independent candidates. This rhetoric sounds like 1925 when the KKK and conservatives created propaganda that the uneducated whites quickly believed. And the blacks with Uncle Tom mentality were happy to co-sign. We're off that. When you don't know your history, you repeat it.

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And Kanye is right, you shouldn’t be “bullied” when people disagree with you. So stop bullying EVERYONE with sense into worshiping you. We won’t. We’re good. BEEN good. We hope all can finally see the hypocrisy, absolute foolery and anti-women sentiments (except when women are put on a pedestal solely as objects of his and men’s sexual pleasure or to prove they "respect" women) for what they are.

Now, we have Trump, his lite-mayo slumlord son-in-law Jared Kushner and everyone else on the Pro-Trump bandwagon having ammunition to say "Look, a black loves us so all black people must love us....You're stupid to not love us because your black, Kanye West, loves us." These people couldn't tell you Kanye's mother's name or one song he's ever rapped without taking to the Googler. But yes, this man you never liked or knew until 15 minutes ago speaks for and represents every single black person in this country. The thirst & transparency are palpable.

Any person who believes one person speaks for all 12 million+ black Americans proves they are indeed ignorant, racist and narrow-minded. Over-generalizations are at the root of every -ism. Period.


But when you got plenty of folks (arguably a less amount than those with sense who see through the dig whistles and gas lighting) co-signing 'Ye, flat out boycotting and ignoring foolishness won't work. Because then, the narrative becomes one-sided - since people like Kanye and Trump will NEVER stop speaking - and is allowed to brainwash and permeate society. Perception becomes reality. Hence, how we ended up with Trump in office.

If anything, we welcome those who co-sign the misogynistic, egotistical fu**ery of Kanye West to say it with their chests. It helps us see who is really for the culture and for true equality amongst classes, races and both genders.  And we see who is for simply living out their own over-sexualized, toxic masculinity-filled, immature demands-having, narcissistic fantasies. We'll spend our coins and resources accordingly.  To those folks, grow up.


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