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DJ Mdot interview with G-Baby
DJ Mdot sits down with G-Baby to ask him about his time on house arrest and his thoughts on the Tiger Woods situation.
Featuring: G-Baby
Viewed 62 times · No Comments
Posted: 2009-12-20

Interview with singer song writer and actress Tia Dae
At Blues Alley with Tia Dae before her sold out concert
Featuring: TamaraJ and Tia Dae
Viewed 89 times · 2 Comments
Posted: 2009-07-20

Response to the haters at Runway Mondays
The Hot Conversation seeks responses about harsh comments made about model rappers and producers trying to get their break in the entertainment industry
Featuring: Sherrella, Text Sosa and MissB
Viewed 139 times · 5 Comments
Posted: 2009-04-15

Runway Mondays at Expo Lounge
The Hot Conversation covers the exciting networking event at Expo lounge in Washington D.C, Dj Mdot and Tamara J interview aspiring music producers, Hip Hop artists and models.
Featuring: Sherrella La Bella, Falen, Text Sosa and others
Viewed 159 times · 13 Comments
Posted: 2009-04-07

Is there a certain age range that women look for when dating men?
What differences do women see when dating younger men as opposed older men?
Featuring: Dj Mdot, Mona
Viewed 110 times · 2 Comments
Posted: 2009-04-04

Speed dating with
The Hot Conversation checks out a exciting speed dating event in Washington D.C. put on by
Featuring: Kamau Donadelle, Cheree, Kevin
Viewed 67 times · 2 Comments
Posted: 2009-03-11

Does love make you crazy?
The crazy things you do when you are in love.
Featuring: Dj Mdot
Viewed 48 times · 3 Comments
Posted: 2009-03-01

When everything is good but sex.
When in a relationship and everything is great but the sex is horrible, what do you do?
Featuring: Dj Mdot and Gadget
Viewed 90 times · 5 Comments
Posted: 2009-03-01

Would you rather date a pornstar or a stripper?
If it came down to it out of the two professions which would you date and why?
Featuring: Tamara J and Enyinna
Viewed 87 times · 1 Comment
Posted: 2009-03-01

Valentine Day Ideas
Dj Mdot heads to Adams Morgan, Washington DC to hear Krayola's thoughts on Valentines day gifts and get peoples take on V-day protocol
Featuring: Dj Mdot, Krayola and Others
Viewed 73 times · 1 Comment
Posted: 2009-02-14

History made: Barack Obama's Inauguration.
Dj Mdot heads to downtown Washington D.C. to catch the festivities when Barack Obama becomes the 44th U.S. President.
Featuring: Dj Mdot
Viewed 115 times · 1 Comment
Posted: 2009-01-20

Are there rules to text messaging?
If you’re breaking up with someone, just meeting them or maybe you want to cheat on the one you're with through technology, what are the rules that you abide by.
Featuring: Dj Mdot
Viewed 65 times · 2 Comments
Posted: 2009-01-16

Krayola and Shin-Q on stage in Herndon Virginia
Dj Mdot goes out to Herndon Virginia to check Washington DC Hip Hop artist Krayola and Shin-Q's performance
Featuring: Krayola, Shin-Q
Viewed 55 times · No Comments
Posted: 2009-01-16

How can you tell if your man is lying?
Body language, eye contact or just doing things out of the normal, what are the signs that make you think your man is lying?
Featuring: Dj Mdot
Viewed 152 times · 7 Comments
Posted: 2009-01-10

How do you feel about dating your best friend's girlfriend / boyfriend?
What do you do when your best friend's boyfriend / girlfriend is trying to get with you?
Featuring: Ace, others
Viewed 193 times · 6 Comments
Posted: 2009-01-03

What is your goal when going out to the club?
What is your objective when going out to the club, have fun, work on your dance moves or just find somebody to take home?
Featuring: Dj Mdot
Viewed 82 times · 2 Comments
Posted: 2008-12-26

Interview with Krayola: part 3
Krayola leaps into an impromptu unwritten freestyle while in the middle of scratching over one of his beats.
Featuring: Krayola
Viewed 123 times · 5 Comments
Posted: 2008-12-16

Interview with Krayola: part 1
Krayola, a Washington, D.C. based rap artist/producer gives an upclose look at the soon to be released compilation album Resilience: The Internal Movement that he is producing which features local artists K-Beta, Eddie Black, Hoo'Kraze, Shin-Q and The 13th Floor.
Featuring: Krayola
Viewed 42 times · 1 Comment
Posted: 2008-12-16

Interview with Krayola: part 2
Krayola connects key resilient moments in his life to his creative music path in contrast with the diaspora of hip-hop.
Featuring: Krayola
Viewed 15 times · No Comments
Posted: 2008-12-16

Do you fake orgasms?
Have you ever had to fake a orgasm for whatever reason and why?
Featuring: Nate, others
Viewed 227 times · 9 Comments
Posted: 2008-12-04

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